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Super Ball Bounce Bros. (2007)

My first animation project: the traditional bouncing ball. I wanted to have a little fun with it by paying tribute to one of my favorite games, Super Mario Bros.

The requirements of the project were to have two bouncing balls, one light and one heavy. I made the little red Mario ball light and agile, and the big green Bowser ball slow and massive. I also tried as best I could to translate Bowser's game movements to ball form. The freeze at the end (where mario lands on the axe) may seem a bit abrupt, but it's another instance of trying to recreate what happens in the original game.

I had a lot of fun recreating the original 8-bit sprites in 3d. The chain, axe, hammers, and fireballs are all faithful to their original 2d counterparts. The fireball might be my favorite, I created it using a voxel-like method to give it a strongly pixelized look.

Textures/audio ripped from Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo, 1985)

Maya, AfterEffects for sound.