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Ollie (2007)

This short was created in spring of 2007 for my Maya animation class. We were given a choice of audio tracks to which we would animate the Ollie rig. I chose this somewhat demented clip from Dreamworks' Madagascar:

"Time to robot! I am very clever king...I am super genius. I am robot king of the monkey things, compute, compute."

This was our first exercise working with a rigged character. I think it came out pretty well. My primary goal was to preserve the humor of the original audio in its transition to the animation. Equally important was the need to make Ollie's weight feel natural (particularly when he's climbing up to leap off the rock and when he starts bouncing around at the end). Finally, I wanted to have Ollie go through three phases of body movement: a relaxed pose while he's waiting for the "time to robot", a stiff robotic phase while it is "robot time", and a wild animalistic phase while he's declaring himself "king of the monkey things".

Voice by Sacha Baron Cohen (from Madagascar)
Ollie rig by Jugglers' Animation Team