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Recuriosity (2007)

A final project for animation class, given the vague parameter that it must tie in to our study of Cornell boxes. I created this character, Herbert, to act as the main character of this surreal little scene. Modeled and rigged up from scratch, Herbert was my first experience with character rigging. He features IK legs with a footroll as well as a fairly capable facial rig.

The stage itself was another learning experience, as a few parts of it are controlled through set driven key. You'll notice that when he first opens the floor hatch, the handle swings down. Also, when he opens the mysterious gold chest, the ceiling directly above seems to open as well.

Aside from the paint effects on the 'curious spheres', the glossy wood texture, and the background music, everything in the scene was created by me.

Cherrywood texture by Silvia
Music by Edgen

Maya, Photoshop